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A Message from Fr. Joe regarding Hurricane Harvey

Like you, I have been watching the devastation in Texas.  Those of you who were here this weekend heard me tell the story of how my brother, until 3 weeks ago, lived in Rockport, TX.  From friends of his who had to remain behind, I’ve listened to the stories and seen the “FaceBook” pages depicting even more destruction than we have seen on TV – if you can believe this is possible.

What will we do up in NY?  I know many of you, like me, want to help in some way.  Here is what I believe is the best route to follow.

We’re looking at devastation on a scale that we cannot really wrap our minds around.   This storm will create BILLIONS of dollars in damages – and we don’t even have a handle yet on what the final picture will look like!  There is going to be a need for a massive amount of temporary housing and emergency make-shift shelters.  This will be followed by the need to build low-cost housing for tens of thousands of people.  Infrastructure repair has to precede any resettlement.  Levies are not holding.  Food and clothing in massive amounts will be needed.  Medical supplies are already running short, and more will be needed.  See all that sitting water – dirty sitting water – think outbreaks of cholera.  Working the displaced children into new school systems will put stress on their schools and supplies will be needed.  And this is merely scratching the surface.

All of this requires money in large amounts.  Here is what I propose to you:

(a)  One of the finest on-the-ground organizations in dealing with catastrophic emergencies at home or abroad is Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD).  We’re even considered more efficient than Catholic Charities.  They do the work “on the ground” so contributions go directly to the aid of those in need.  You can go on their website (www.episcopalrelief.org) and contribute directly.

(b) From this weekend onward, I will receive from any of you who wish to do so, any check made out to ERD – in fact, I will make the first “paper” contribution.  And we shall continue to receive your contributions at any time (in the “collection plate” or sent in to the church office.)

(c)  I have asked Eileen O’Halloran (as In-Reach /Out-Reach Chair) to make some contacts with local organizations – and if there is a chance to partner with and assist in a common collection effort that will be of real value to those who are suffering, we shall make this information available.

Finally, let me say that sending financial assistance (aka: “writing a check”) may not seem to bring the emotional satisfaction that a collection of “stuff” might bring.  It’s not the sexy choice.  But, given the massive destruction and the cost of its aftermath, I honestly believe this is the way to reach the largest number of people.  And know that our God who sees all, will see what we do – whether there is anyone to tell us how “good” we are or not – whether anyone knows or not! 

So here is real need.  Let’s do something if we can.  –  Fr Joe


New Craft Group at St. Paul’s

Parishioner Pat Bobletz is leading a crafts session every other Tuesday at St. Paul’s Chapel from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The next meeting will take place on September 26th.  All those interested in participating (both women and men) are invited to join the group.  Attendees can work on their own projects while enjoying the company of other crafters or they can choose to work with others to create items to be sold for the benefit of the church.  For more information, please contact Pat at (914) 533-2871.


Thank you to all who made this year’s Biathlon such a wonderful event!  Check out our Flickr page for more photos. It would not have been  possible without the backing of our generous sponsors, and we ask that you please support these great local businesses: 

Presenting Sponsor

American Sugar Refining/Domino Sugar


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