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Check out this wonderful Lewisboro Ledger article about our parish:  Ledger Article 



Photo is of the children of St. John’s rehearsing the Christmas Pageant.  All are invited to see this heart-warming telling of the Christmas story on December 21 at 9:30 a.m.


Christmas ad

For additional details, please click on the following:  Christmas at St. John’s Parish


Winter Ball save the date


We are calling on parishioners and friends of the parish to help us solicit items for the Winter Ball’s Silent Auction.  To avoid duplication, please refer to the following chart before you request any donations from local establishments:  Prospects in Progress.  If the donation you are interested in pursuing is not listed, please call Ann Pistey at (914) 763-8273 or email her at stjohnsch@cloud9.net  so we can update our information.  

We appreciate your help!


A Thursday Reflection from Fr. Joe

December 18, 2014

I am writing this in the dark and quiet time before three special young people who will be confirmed at the Great Vigil of Easter arrive for “class.”  Tonight they will view a film about what the cost of being a Christian may come down to.  This is no syrupy Hallmark TV Christmas film.  Archbishop Oscar Romero was a real man, a scholar and somewhat sheltered and pampered.  God pushed him to become his people’s leader – a voice for the disenfranchised and wretchedly poor and ultimately a martyr for the cause of God’s justice.

As we get closer to Christmas, please remember that we celebrate the coming of the Divine into human life.  “God so loved the world…” we are told.   The Incarnate One is King and God but also sacrificial Lamb – for us.  Being a Christian sometimes means being different, being odd, being laughed at, ignored or hated. Christmas joy is also a mixed blessing.  Christ loves and chooses me.  Christ loves and chooses this parish community to continue HIS work in HIS name.  You are both loved and called to HIS work in HIS name.    Strong by 17


Lovejoy baptism 2       


Letter from Fr. Joe concerning the Strong by ’17 Campaign


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Lewisboro Daily Voice Article

Lewisboro Daily Voice Article

Upcoming Events

This Month’s Events

Date/Time Event
7:15 pm - 8:45 pm
Vestry Meeting
St. John’s Church, South Salem NY

Upcoming Liturgies

Date/Time Event
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm
Holy Eucharist at St. Paul’s
St. Paul’s Chapel, South Salem NY
9:30 am - 10:30 am
Children's Christmas Pageant & Holy Eucharist
St. John’s Church, South Salem NY
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Family Service at St. Paul's
St. Paul’s Chapel, Vista NY