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A Thursday Reflection – 12.11

Sby17This week, we have already (and will again) experienced how parochial spiritual life dictates its growth.  Last Sunday at 5 pm, the para-liturgical service known as “Lessons and Carols” took place at St. John‘s.  The purpose of scripture and Advent hymns was to keep us on point:  He who will come again in glory has already come in humility.  We wait for Him.

On this Saturday at 4 pm at St. Paul’s, there will be singing of Christmas Carols (Joyful Noise from our own “Joyful Noyz” group).  We peek ahead to the joy of the Incarnation!

“If you fail to love music, I worry about your soul,” one of my professors once yelled at me – with good reason.  This season is one of Hope and Joy.  Music conveys both, and our parish (as any parish community) needs both.  As we sing, so we pray.  As we pray, may we grow as a community of hope.  May the Triune God bless us with hope!

Strong By 17