A Thursday Reflection 1.11.18

I’ve often made use of Abby, our border collie, as a teacher.  I think we had another one of those moments this morning.  A border collie, driven by instinct and force of will, seems to have within this unquenchable fire to find herself a flock and herd them.  As we have so many deer, foxes or feral cats who seem to run through our yard (and leave imprints in the snow),  Abby naturally has been sniffing her way up one side or down the other of most of the trails and embankments around the clergy residence trying to find those whom she should herd and protect!

But this morning, I guided her away from the normal paths (trod upon by the “usual suspects”) and guess what?  She went flying through the fresh untouched snow with only the desire to find a new path, seek out fresh scents to sniff and boldly go where no dog has gone before!

As you begin 2018, take a few moments from your regular routine.  Instead of centering on (and complaining about) the bitter cold, the freezing rain or the perpetually gray skies, seek out some untouched path – not necessarily literally but symbolically!   Where can you “go” or explore or “do” that you have never gone, explored or done before?   Christian mystics might phrase it this way: sometimes God calls you to walk in new directions and seek God in different places.  So as we enter a new year, is there a new direction you might consider?  Is there a new project you might begin?  Is there a change in your life’s direction that might be ahead of you?

I can tell you that from watching Abby, it is such an important thing to do from time to time.

– Fr. Joe