A Thursday Reflection 1.25.18

On Sunday, a few of you commented that you never received last week’s “Reflection.”  I know it was written and set up to be sent.  Many of you might have received it on Monday.  For reasons we don’t quite understand, the program believed that the reflection should go into the “draft – unfinished” folder rather than the “to be sent” folder – in spite of the fact that every usual and normal procedure was followed.  Our technology “hiccupped.”

We 21st century folk tend to put so much trust in our technology – dare I say that we all too often put “faith” in our technology.  In an era that scoffs at any faith in God, we put so much  faith in our iphones, our computers, the net, social media, all our technological advances in medicine, science, law and, of course, weaponry.

We trust our systems and yet over a week ago, pressing one wrong button (switch, lever, keystroke – does it really matter?) could have brought us all into World War III – a false report of an inbound missile.   We make our plans concerning winter driving safety based on the accuracy of forecasts – but how often this winter have those forecasts been fuzzy and iffy – leaving us virtually unprepared for what is to come.    Because we are so busy, we tend to communicate via texts and emails – which often go unread because we have hundreds of them clogging our in-box. Therefore, instantaneous non-communication is the basis for our staying in touch.  Don’t even get me started how it has been demonstrated too many times that people tend to say harsher, nastier or more untrue things in a text or tweet than they would face-to-face.  Nor does a written text always convey the tone (light vs. serious; ironic vs. literal) of what is being said.

Now look: I marvel at the things we humans can accomplish and create when such is for the good.  I wish I were more tech savvy.  But the creative work of human hands does not always lead to fulfillment or happiness.  The Book of Genesis teaches a story intended to be both humorous and serious.  A bunch of powerful creative guys (and yes, this time “men” means “men” so you women are off the hook!) were basking in their testosterone and essentially declared:  we’re great!  Let’s show all humanity and history how great we are.  Let’s build a huge city and center it with a tower that touches the very face of god in the heavens.  Even god(s) will know how much we can do on our own.   Go back and read “the rest of the story.”  How well did that turn out for them?  Be careful in whom or what you put your faith!!!!!

Fr. Joe