A Thursday Reflection 1.28.16

Do you open your hearts/souls/minds to experience God in the unexpected?  I often preach that, but rarely do I listen to the preacher – and then last week happened.

As I sat in St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church last Friday morning preparing for the funeral of Bill Rowe’s mom, I was summoned by this elderly woman who asked me to sit with her.  I recognized (from mom) the “looking-through-you” gaze: she may be in the midst of dementia, I suspect.  We sort of talked a few moments.  Then her attendant came for her (they had been present for the early morning mass at the church) and asked me if I would give Rose (her name) a blessing because “today is her birthday and she is 101.”  Rose became so peace-filled and grateful afterwards.  God taught me that I needed to be there at that moment.

Sunday afternoon I came to St. John’s just to make sure the storm had done no unexpected damage.  I brought Abby, our border collie, with me. Later as I trudged into the cold and snow behind Lawrence Hall, I let Abby off leash, and watched her fly and leap into and out of snow – hearing at one point one loud bark of sheer joy.  God wanted me to know that there is joy in situations that we often find annoying.

So on Feb. 17 and March 2, I must have cataract surgeries, and, of course, I am trying to control every event that could possibly occur during these next weeks of pre- and post-op instructions which are putting me “on the bench”:  much to my annoyance!  So what is God going to show or teach me next?  What do I need to learn?  And does this happen to you?  And what do you need to learn?