A Thursday Reflection 1.4.18

We’ve finally left 2017 behind us, and now we approach, with hope, a new span of time – a new year – to mark our journey.  With more than one major life-changing medical procedure, the sadness of witnessing two of our family members deal with serious marriage issues, the (at least) inconvenience of moving the residence, the moving away of a few parish members who will truly be missed, the constant influx of anger-filled news (real or fake – I guess that depends on whose truth you choose to believe) as well as the realization that “truth” itself is no longer an objective reality but depends upon one’s choice of political philosophy, the reality that the Korean “police action” of the early 1950’s may be heading for renewal, and this time with the possibility of nuclear weapons, the reopening of so many wounds fed by subtle (or at times not-so-subtle) racism, the uncomfortable realities that the “me too” movement has brought to the surface (and before anyone challenges the utility of 40+ year old memories, please ask yourself if  you would not listen to any woman accuser if she were your daughter, your sister or your mom?) – O yeah 2017 was a year I am ever so glad to see the back of.

So what do I hope for in 2018?  I hope for a nation whose leaders might re-learn how to listen to rather than talk at each other.  I would love to see a culture where the “social” in social media was truly indicative of our willingness to communicate with, share and even uplift each other rather than an exercise is narcissism and cowardly name-calling and shaming.  I would love to see us as a church community truly live as persons of faith and commitment.  We are supposed to be members in a “Jesus movement” that began 2000 years ago.  We’ve a long way to go if we truly want to be persons who love, give and forgive as Jesus does!  I long for the sentiments expressed in our Christmas carols to become a reality each and every day of 2018.  May your New Year’s wishes also be granted!!

Fr. Joe