A Thursday Reflection 1.5.17

2016 is gone forever.  I for one am quite glad.  Still I have no idea what 2017 will bring.

I don’t know if the political chasm that tears away at any hope for unity in this nation can be healed.  I cannot tell you that the perpetrators of evil and death in some perverted notion of doing the will of God will be stopped or their hearts softened with truth in love.  What will be the future of our small Episcopal Church in New York – burdened by the structures and procedures of another era?  Will we reverse the downward trend of shrinking numbers and growing debt?  Hey!  Will I ever make a New Year’s resolution that I am able to keep?

I do know that I begin this year able to see with a clarity that I had lost over the years, and I am so grateful for the skills of surgeons and the procedures that restore sight.  I can sympathize more with those who deal with physical pain on a regular basis as (including my own brother and his reconstructed hips, knees etc.) now that I have learned that all the “hype” about Shingles being off-the-charts painful is no hype.  I know that my mom is no longer trapped in a failing body and a mind that was dying as she now resides with our loving Father in Heaven and has returned to the One who created, redeemed and sustains us.

What I know is that no matter what we expect or predict for the year that approaches, our eyes are shut to the truth of what will or must occur.  We can only trust – putting ourselves in God’s hands and truly believing that what lies ahead is what we have been sent here to do.  My path for this year, no matter where it may lead, as long as I keep faith, is where God is leading.   And this gives me reason to hope.