A Thursday Reflection 1.7.16

The start of a new calendar year!  You might expect a pep talk about making “resolutions” but truthfully, I put little stock in such things.  Those among us who do not need to lose “a few ugly pounds” or to “eat healthier” or “exercise more often” “go to Church more often” or “spend more time with the family” are most likely few!

And we try.  And we usually don’t.  Every Saturday O.A. meets at our Church.  The first Saturday of the year the church parking lot is filled to overflowing.  In a few weeks, it will not be.  (Not a judgment – it’s an observation made over four years.)

Might I offer you the challenge I give to myself:  make no “resolutions” but rather make a pledge or commitment before God.  If there is one aspect (just keep it to one) that needs to be transformed, then open yourself to God’s “redeeming grace” and commit yourself to this one action or thing.  Pray for strength to do (or avoid doing) this one thing .. each day.  One day at a time.  One hour at a time, if necessary.  And know that your commitment has been heard and will be expected of you.  But you will, with God walking along side you, do it.

So we begin 2016.  Happy New Year!