A Thursday Reflection – 10.1.15

Can you believe that it has been a year since the “Strong By 17” movement in the parish began? And now we are about to start all over again – as the cycle of life in the parish moves. We’ll be celebrating local festivities like John Lewis Day and plans for the next Winter Ball are already simmering. Religious formation of children, teens and adults has started (already secured the date of and Bishop to preside at Holy Confirmation). Stewardship meetings will begin anew as we grow into the second year of the long journey back to viability.

But – last week we all heard a religious prophet from the Church of Rome remind us that turning inward is never compatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are always called to “hear the cry of the poor” as the Lord does. We must see the “stranger in our midst” and remember we will be judged by outward acts of kindness to others. (“What you did to the least of my brethren, you did unto me.”)
We’re starting up parish life again – but never forget, it’s always first and foremost a matter of the Spirit, not the “stuff.”