A Thursday Reflection – 10.22.15

I just spent a few days visiting family down in Texas.  Part of family ritual is to return to a place in family hierarchy one had as a youth so, of course, I have spent some time being berated for “being old,” “lacking spontaneity,” and “you’re becoming your father!” OUCH !

What made this trip so much fun was getting (and giving) the teasing that prevents us from taking “self” so seriously.  I enjoyed watching my brother’s loving interaction with two rescue cats (cats that actually belonged to his wife but have adopted him and love him as one of their own – go figure!).  Actually, his side of the room we shared growing up was akin to a litter box so I should not be too surprised!

I encountered a toddler on one of those shuttles in between terminals at the airport.  She needed silly attention so I played peek-a-boo with her to the point where she waved bye-bye and blew a kiss when I was moving to leave.  Her mommy turned to me and exclaimed: “Where were you the last three hours – we could have used you!”

In the journey that is called “life,” it is so often the silly and unimportant moments that can be soul nurturing.  Christ is encountered in the ordinary and mundane as well as the extraordinary and prayer filled.  Open your eyes and take a breath:  see what is going on around you.  You may find one of those “God moments” waiting for you.