A Thursday Reflection – 10.8.15

Last Sunday we had the first “Family Service” of this new year (if we count the year beginning with the commencement of the school year).  I happen to enjoy this.  I love to watch parish teens and tweens proclaiming the reading from God’s Word and leading our prayer.  They are the ushers, the acolytes and bearers of the offerings of bread and wine.  They are taking the place that will be theirs in Christ’s Church, if not here, then wherever they will worship as adults.

I love the imperfections.  So the video (which worked perfectly in rehearsal) decided to act up!  The undercroft which was too cold when I got there quickly became too warm when the bodies all assembled. And sound does not travel real well in that space: every itch, cough, movement, cry and sneeze is magnified.

Yes, it is true that our liturgy is to be a foretaste of the eternal heavenly liturgy where God is worshiped by the choirs of heaven.  I can’t wait to see how God will react when a baby shouts “NO” during His sermon.  I suspect God smiles when we focus on our youth and live with our lack of utter perfection.   And in it all: God was praised!