A Thursday Reflection 11.2.17

Can you believe that it is already November?  The year of 2017 is in its twilight!  We’ve experienced a year of political as well as meteorological turbulence.   We can now just about presume that anything a person has ever said or done in their past will assuredly have offended someone at some time, and yet even in such a climate, you still have folks who continue to speak and/or act in ways intended to demean or abuse others  – and then, of course, utter the required “mea culpa’s” that no one believes anyway!  Our culture is fractured.  The place of humans at the top of the food chain may well be in jeopardy if those who have the power to unleash nuclear war actually decide to do so.  Nature’s fury has been experienced this year in ways that should humble human arrogance, and there are still those (the poorest of the poor) who continue to suffer the aftermaths of storm upon storm.

However, Christians are empowered to be people of HOPE.  The end of this month brings not merely the termination of the liturgical cycle, but the beginnings of the New Year.  Advent points beyond itself and reminds us that humankind’s Savior, whose words and grace are so desperately needed to be felt again, has already come.  Our lives do not have to reflect the deep darkness of November mornings or the daytime gray of its skies.  We are the fools (for Christ’s sake) who believe that the light of God’s goodness is greater than all the forces of evil or nature that fight against it.

In the show The Student Prince, there is that melody that begins:  “I’ll walk with God, from this day on…”  As I write this on a stormy Sunday (eerily five years to the day after another storm battered us), just let me remind each of you that no matter the issues, the darkness, the challenges, the political stupidity, the evil or sin that we humans (or nature itself) might create, as challenging as 2017 has been for so many of us, we do not walk alone if we walk by faith!