A Thursday Reflection 11.26.15

I’ve heard too many overly sentimentalized sermons and long winded extemporaneous prayers extolling our God, our nation, and the laundry list of things which ought to make us “count our blessings,”  “give humble thanks” and all the other clichés uttered on Thanksgiving.

I wish I were in that place.  I only see a culture that trivializes God, or a relationship with God, or the value of life itself.  So many of the “isms” we thought we “fixed” in the sixties have raised their heads to prove that they really didn’t get solved.  Where the anger and hatred that infect our world will lead us is beyond my capacity to predict or fix.

But late Sunday evening, even though I possess an unromantic soul, I was stunned at the depth of beauty, color and light that pierced the impending darkness of evening.  Physiologically I know what “causes” a spectacular sunset.  But spiritually, for one moment, that light that pierced into that shadow of death we call “night” reminded me that we can scoff and mock and deny and see any relationship with Christ as a sign of weakness, inconvenience or foolishness, but God (merely symbolized by the light)  will ultimately triumph.  In this, I believe.  For this, I am thankful.