A Thursday Reflection 11.9.17

On Sunday past, reflecting on the notion of being stewards of our lives, I commented (and you all know this in your hearts) that none of us knows how much time we’ve been given to do the work that God has given us to do.  I told you a Campo family story – the death of my dad in such a sudden and instantaneous fashion.  “You know not the day nor the hour” Jesus warned.
And later that afternoon, we were all glued to whatever electronic media that was available as we, yet again, saw the aftermath of violence in our country.  A man walks into a church with a gun!  This is NOT the beginning of a joke.  It is becoming more and more a regular part of our culture and our nation’s story.
With sadness, I am just going to repeat myself.  I won’t be drawn into the debate about whether this a mental health issue or a gun lobby issue.  No one wants to listen to anyone who believes it is a “both / and” and not an “either / or” issue.  The evidence in front of me seems to indicate that all we’ll end up doing is wringing our hands and arguing our points and nothing will change and nothing will get done… again!
So the preacher in me shares a message for you.  I’m not sure when or even if those with the power to confront this issue will ever do so.  All I can do is let the tragedy speak to me, and hopefully to you.  You really do not know how much time you have to do the work you’ve been given to do.  You’ve been given talents and gifts to build up Christ’s body, the Church, as well as bring the love of God into whatever small corner of the world you inhabit.  You’re called to be a spouse, a lover, a friend, a parent, a child, a worker, a student.  We’re all to be an example to others and a friend for others. We’re all called to be there for each other and build up one another.  We’re called to be a voice that speaks when words are needed and an ear to listen when someone else needs to unburden his/her soul.
God alone knows how much time we have to do the work we’ve been given to do.  How are you using that time?