A Thursday Reflection 12.15.16

With but ten days until Christmas, even I whose life experience has cautioned me to beware of mood and feelings (like my teen mentor, the Vulcan Mr. Spock!) was caught up in the sheer beauty, not of nature but of grace, which was Monday morning.  Recall that early Monday morning was cold and rain soaked.  I am fighting off a nasty cold (and whining about it – I’m male and we whine when we get sick – deal with it!) drudging thru semi frozen mud with my four legged morning companion who experiences only the sheer joy of another day, another chance to “smell the roses” (or whatever is left of them) and follow the scents of her friends (bunnies and deer) who have walked or hopped across the yard last night.

What struck me, about the 4th time we circled the yard (as border collies must do), is how different we all experience the same realities.  Abby can perceive total joy where my physical limitations affect my perceptions.  Created in God’s image, we ought to be able to experience that beauty which is of God no matter our moods or our health.  I began to notice the sounds of rain hitting the frozen ground (it does sound like “bacon frying” – noted in one episode of M.A.S.H. decades ago).  The light was making its way even through saturated darkness, and the shadows would inevitably give way to dawn – even a soaking dawn.

I needed to be reminded that our spiritual side allows us to perceive not only the physical beauty and ugliness of our world, but the truly important spiritual truths that are present for those whose eyes are open.  Yes, there are only 10 days until Christmas, and the world is fever pitched, and so much must yet be done, and most of it will not be perfect.  But walk into the early morning snowing/raining downpour with a four legged Being who only sees goodness (even in you) and you may get a glimpse of how our God sees us – his very flawed creation.  There is beauty out there to be seen and experienced.  There is love that must be given.  There is hope that must be shared.  A walk into the darkness can be beautiful, in spite of the cold and the wet, because it is there that God will be found.  And you will “be still, and know that I am God.”