A Thursday Reflection 12.3.15

It has been decades since I willingly became a part of the madding crowds that traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The intricacies of our interstate rail system, the crush of humanity (and other four legged life forms) racing about urban transit complexes, and, of course, the good probability of becoming intimately involved with all sorts of colds and viruses bring home just how demanding travel is.

Advent is a time to focus on the spiritual journey – just as complex and demanding.  But curiously we travel and yet we wait.  Like the racing for the next express, we’re urged by sacred scripture to be alert and prepared “for the day of salvation is near!”  We’re not about Christmas yet … at least not intentionally.  Now is a time to prepare, to become a part of a greater journey which was begun when the Divine One (the “cosmic Christ” to use a phrase of some Eastern Orthodox Christians) came upon, lived among and died for us.  We wait in hope for the return of the One who has and who will make us like unto God.  And while we wait, we also travel.  Faith is a journey that takes us from the demands and stretch of time into the timeless wonder of a loving God.  So be prepared to wait and yet move on…as the hymn will proclaim:  “Lo, He Comes…”

Happy Advent.