A Thursday Reflection – 1/29

A Thursday Reflection from Fr. Joe
January 29, 2015

I’m sitting in the empty office again – this time waiting for the blizzard to come. OK I am not going to do another “man proposes and God disposes” winter weather wonderland type of reflection. Nor will I moralize about “Deflategate” – enough already!

I do want to commend the numbers of folks who both attended liturgy Sunday morning and remained for the annual meeting as well as those from St. Paul’s who came back for the meeting. I want to thank so many people who are working so hard to pull this community back from its financial morass. So many adults, teens and young children whose spiritual lives can be fed within the loving embrace of this sacred space.

I also want to challenge everyone. Many folks do much. But they are not the only ones called to ministry. By Holy Baptism we all so are called. Taking on tasks for a parish must never be limited to “the usual suspects” – not if we really mean that we want to grow and flourish. The Lord doesn’t only call the vestry to build up this parish. All are called.