A Thursday Reflection – 2.12.15

February 12, 2015

As you may have discerned in the Parish E-News, the season of Holy Lent is fast approaching.  PANCAKE SUPPER is next Tuesday evening.  ASH WEDNESDAY, which marks the beginning of the season, is the following day.  The schedule for parish Lenten activities will now be posted online, on posters, on e-news.  I hope they are also “written on your hearts” (to quote the prophet Ezekiel).

As this “Season of the Spirit” (to quote a popular author) is about to begin, I hope you will take advantage of the TIME for prayer, quiet, knowledge and personal renewal.  There will be many programs going on in our parish – for your spiritual growth.  I hope you won’t merely “give up” something for 40 days.  Why not “give in” to the Lord’s call to “come and see” and hear his invitation:  “repent, believe, the Kingdom of God is at hand.”  Lent is a wonderful opportunity to begin again on the spiritual journey.  As events of the train tragedy certainly point out, the use of our time here can be gone in an instant.  Then what……