A Thursday Reflection 2.16.17

It is Sunday morning, and I have made it to the Church to fend off anyone who might wish to challenge the evil wet winter elements like I did.  The ice/sleet is changing to snow even as I am writing, and it is getting harder to see out the window.  Also, it is now very, very quiet.  No sound of pinging off the windows, no sound of traffic … utter beautiful silence.
Sometimes it takes a morning like this to put on the brakes and be still.  All the running about we do!  All the programs, committees, assignments, projections, plans, papers, promises that fill our days come to a silent sliding halt on a day like today.
The psalmist wrote:  “Be still, and know that I am God.”  For all the “seeking” that our peers do (or claim to do), the simple unpleasant and unpopular truth is that unless one takes the time to be quiet, one is  not capable of finding God.  We do-do-do and forget to “be” – as in be silent, be open, be attentive, be watchful, be in the presence of the Divine One (in Three) who loves us and wants to be in relationship with us if only we would be still long enough to listen for the invitation.
Even if no one makes it this morning, I may stay awhile, and be still, and enjoy the silence, and be in the presence of God.