A Thursday Reflection 2.18.16

There is among clergy a self-induced “pressure” to be more productive during the Holy Season of Lent.  Sermons should be longer, more penitential and soul piercing.  Lenten programs are not extra work for a paltry few but opportunities for active evangelism.  Almost always beginning in February, this liturgical season to warm consciences grown cold usually finds one trudging out in snow and cold and telling the Lord: “Seriously!   Why should I repent?  I’m too cold and uncomfortable to really sin well anyway!”

Cynicism aside, there is something wonderful about this season.  I am sitting in the church office on Monday (Presidents’ Day holiday) watching the snow fall and listening to .. nothing!  Not a sound.  It is so quiet.  No cars, no dog, not a telephone was stirring, not even a mouse!”

Lent has been titled: “A Season of the Spirit!”   It is a wonderful time to listen: where is God’s Holy Spirit leading you?  What is there within you that needs to change, to grow or to be jettisoned?  If you use the quiet and listen, you might be amazed at how much you can learn about our God, about yourself and about how to allow the Lord to make things right in that relationship.  It is not so much about doing as it is about listening and learning.