A Thursday Reflection – 2.19.15

A Thursday Reflection from Fr. Joe

February 19, 2015


As you all know, yesterday we entered the holy season of Lent.  In liturgy, we began with an acknowledgement of both our mortality and flawed nature. We signified this with the wearing of ashes in the figure of a cross.  We demonstrate to the world at large (as in the communities in which we work, recreate, study, associate etc.) that we are claimed by Christ crucified. 

We not only acknowledge, as the rite does, that we “..are dust and to dust (we) shall return.” More importantly, this dust, formed of the stuff of creation, has been given the very “breath of God,” filled with ability to know and love and choose.  We are dust but so much more.  We are redeemed and loved and forgiven.  If only we would accept that redeeming love and not turn our backs on it.  There is much upon which we need to reflect.  I welcome you to that time for reflection.  Welcome to a Holy Lent.