A Thursday Reflection 2.2.17

It was Sunday afternoon. The Annual Meeting was now “history,” and you had all gone home. It would be hours before JoAnne returned from the Annual Meeting at her Church (thus it hath been ordained from all eternity that all Episcopal churches must haveth their annual meetings on the same day at the same time). So I took Abby back to St. John’s to run around and get some exercise as she had been stuck in her crate from the wee hours of the morning.
Funny, as she didn’t do a lot of running. I was tired and lost in my thoughts and she seemed to sense this as she more or less abandoned the chase of the squirrel or the pursuit of any contraband food that the little ones may have left on the grounds. She just hung out with me – perhaps pensive in her own way.
The meeting is over, but now the real work must begin. Words mean nothing if not translated into actions. This year, we as a parish must be about being a visible sign of God’s mission. People need to see us “doing justice, loving tenderly and walking humbly with our God” (cf. last Sunday’s reading from the Prophet Micah). We don’t do this just to increase our numbers although I do believe that public witness does attract the good in those who seek.
We must do this because we must do this. It’s why the Lord may have brought us together in this place. This town (with graffiti of hate – whether as a sign of a deeper stench within or the stupid pranks of thoughtless adolescents); this nation that will do all in its collective power to avoid the issues and residue of racial injustice but is ready to tear itself apart over who “belongs” and what it means to be “safe;” our world where the poor, the powerless, the victims of violence all increase and no one seems able to say “enough” – our local, national and international identities are brimming with chaos. A world without Jesus’ love: works so well doesn’t it?
We’re just a small group of Christians who have to say “enough.” God put us here for a reason. It is time for us to let that culture know we are here and what we stand for. I was pondering these things and I wonder if my little companion was doing the same?