A Thursday Reflection 2.25.16

I suspect you all, like my beloved JoAnne, are sick and tired of my post-surgery comments.  But, for one last time, allow me to demonstrate what memories this has all brought up.

Forbidden to bend over for several weeks, I am now ever so grateful that Coach Byrnes once saw in a sophomore walk-on to varsity baseball not merely a snail-like potential 12th outfielder (“decent bat, good arm, but no speed”) but rather a quality prospective catcher.  Now years later I am using those same leg squatting thigh muscles to compensate for all the bending in life.

I am grateful to Fr. Wayne Funk and his harsh ways who taught us how to preach and how to deal with having to mentally compose a sermon in your mind in 2 minutes or less because you misplaced your text. (St. Paul’s people will get that joke).

Thinking back, I am even grateful that my dad wouldn’t allow me to consider taking a driver’s test until I had raced his car in the empty but snow covered parking lot of St. Gabriel’s Church so that I would learn to deal with bad skids the right way – not something I recommend to your 16 year old but it did work for me.

Here’s the obvious point:  God puts people in our lives who teach us things which may not be appreciated at the time.  But we learn from those experiences and grow through them.  Now here is the not-so-obvious question:  How is God using YOU?  Into whose lives has Our Lord Jesus put you and what, by your word or example, are you teaching?  Have you any idea how you might impact another’s life.  THAT IS WHY I AM SO INSISTENT THAT YOU BRING SOMEONE NEW TO CHURCH WITH YOU THIS WEEKEND!  You have no idea whose life you may end up touching!