A Thursday Reflection – 2.26.15

A Thursday Reflection from Fr. Joe

February 26, 2015

One of the “traditional” disciplines for most religions and certainly for Christians during Holy Lent has been fasting. We do not eat as much. We do not eat in between meals. We perhaps even do not eat from sunrise to sundown. I, for one, really struggle with this. I love to eat (with the exceptions of the dreaded Brussel Sprouts and Liver :-/)

And yet I know why this discipline is important – at least for me. As a “prayerful” act it certainly, by itself, does not make us holier. It does remind us, however, that while I have a body, I am more than this body. With grace and strength given by God, I work on being my body’s master. It does not have to control me all the time.

Fasting also is the one sure way I can identify with and truly feel what so many on earth experience, not as a religious nicety but as a daily challenge: hunger. During Lent, I can identify with sisters and brothers on this earth who have so much less than we. This way, I want to do more for them because I know what they are experiencing.

Lent is about resetting our priorities. What is truly important, and why? Happy Lent.