A Thursday Reflection 2.4.16

Sunday morning, before y’all came to church, I got a phone call informing me that I “was carefully chosen and I have been selected as the winner of a 10 day luxury cruise in the Bahamas.”  (All I could see in my mind’s eye was the name of the ship – S. S. Minnow — and hear the tune from Gilligan’s Island about a “three hour tour.”)  Of course, I hung up immediately but this got me to thinking.

Whether caused by self-preservation or boredom, it’s been my experience that we tend to “tune out” messages we don’t think we need or want to hear.  I pray you do not ignore the take-away from this past Sunday’s Annual Meeting.  Yes, we are in better than anticipated financial shape but NO, we are not in good shape.  Fundraisers and even increased giving to the point we had hoped (and this seems to be falling short of desire) will not “redeem” our situation.

I hope you listened to both Jenny and Ron who each reminded us that, as Christians, we have an obligation to bring people to Christ. If we love this parish, then we want to bring them here to enjoy with us what we have.  We need to be evangelists and offer to others what we experience in this parish.  We need to remind others that being spiritually fed is the most important gift we receive, and we can offer this to others.  As we grow in numbers, then, of course, finances will slowly be sorted out.   But to do nothing is to be among the “walking dead.”  Did you hear what was being said?