A Thursday Reflection – 2.5.15

A Thursday Reflection from Fr. Joe

February 5, 2015

You might want to entitle this reflection: “Don’t Just Do This for Your Child.”

Our parish is both blessed and challenged with two spaces for worship.  Each weekend we use both sites.  But as anyone who has taken the most basic Confirmation prep class knows, the “Church” is not the place of worship.  The Church is the community of folks who gather around pulpit and Holy Table to be fed by God’s WORD and SACRAMENT and then go out into the “world” so that they will “love and serve the Lord.”

Common sense decrees that, at present, our numbers neither require nor deserve two such spaces.  And yet God has given them to us.  We are called to celebrate Holy Eucharist each week not merely to have our children taught or give them something to do or for them to be seen.  I would hope that we adults come here for our own spiritual nourishment and growth in discipleship.  As we grow in prayer and faith, we become the people whom the Lord is calling us to be.  It is from there that we grow in numbers.  Come here each week – not just for them but for yourself.