A Thursday Reflection 2.8.18

Has anyone ever taken a hard look at the “facts,” legends or traditions we seem to put our faith in?  Question the usefulness of such a “fact,” and one might be branded either heretic or “you’re no fun at all.”

A week ago, sophisticated and educated humans descended upon innocent life forms such as gophers, groundhogs, etc., focused intense camera lighting upon them, picked them up without their permission, thank you very much, and infallibly declared that the predetermined outcome (seeing the creature’s shadow) will have meteorological consequences for determining the onset of Spring!   Although I have not seen this other “scientific” experiment recently, there is allegedly a captive octopus or squid at some university that has a higher percentage of picking both Super Bowl and Presidential Election winners than the gambling elite of Las Vegas who do so for a living!  And do you believe in the chicken who allegedly can tap out the tune of our national anthem on a keyboard – (the Opening ritual of Puppy Bowl XIV)?

I’ve been told that people need something “to believe in” – even when logic dictates that the event or “truth” never happened or at times is downright silly.  And I get that.  Our lives are becoming so frenzied and hectic that we’d like to have some stable element that anchors us.

And why not?  We can all use a silly tradition or three to put, if not our “faith,” then at least our feelings in!  What I find so curious is that for a culture that has so many questionable things to believe in (UFO’s have landed and their inhabitants now own stock in New Mexico; reality TV is actually real; only my political party tells the truth; our best days are behind us – whatever myth you firmly hold), we deem ourselves either too busy, involved, educated or exhausted to believe in the one Being – who is life … who is BEING and who desperately wants to have a place in our lives.   Take God out of our lives, and humans will replace God with other idols in which to put their faith.  Kind of goes back to a question I’ve posed before:  In whom do you trust?  Whom do you serve?  Who do you believe loves you?  What do you believe in and if not Our Lord, then how is that working for you?

Fr. Joe