A Thursday Reflection 3.10.16

This coming Sunday we’ll all endure the loss of sleep ritual known as returning to “Daylight Savings Time.”  So we set our clocks ahead an hour but never really retrieve that lost hour of sleep – not really!

Again this works, for me, as a powerful metaphor for the spiritual renewal going on within ourselves and also regarding the renewal of our parish.  Things will always happen to take “time” away from us, and we never have enough “time” to do everything we suspect we ought to be doing.  (Perhaps we need take more seriously the words of the Confession of Sin:  “… for what I have done and for what I have left undone …”).

We lose an hour of sleep – oh well.  We lose a chance to invite someone to share our worship with us, or an opportunity to truly model the Good News of Christ in front of our kids, or even to exercise one of the Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting or “almsgiving.”  We lose a moment to grow spiritually or to enhance our parish community with some soul who may be seeking God – that moment is lost. Forever!  Lent is always about time – and what we do with it!