A Thursday Reflection 3.17.16

St. Patrick’s Day

For those of you of Celtic heritage, today is a major “feast” – a celebration of things Irish.  For the rest of us, it is a day to honor a great man of his time:  a kidnap victim in his youth, daring escapee, Christian, priest, bishop and eventually a missionary sent back to the very barbaric peoples who captured him years before.  To me, Patrick was an outstanding preacher, teacher and living proof that one does not have to remain a victim of the malevolent actions of others.

To go back “into the lion’s den” as it were (as he did) and spend the rest of your ministry bringing them the Good News of Jesus (to convert their souls but also to help form a culture and language where art, literature, and faith would flourish) convinces me that with and in the power of the Holy Spirit, all things are possible.

I look at our parish – we are by the numbers small, not really strong and still struggling.  As I tell my peers, we are in “better” shape but we are nowhere near “good” shape physically or financially.  But trusting in the power of prayer, firming our commitment to the Lord of life who enlivens this community with His Spirit, and with a tenacity that marked Patrick, we can sustain in St. John’s what Patrick brought to Ireland: a living faith!

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always 

at your back

The sun shine warm upon 

your face

The rain fall soft upon your


And until we meet again 

may God hold you in the

hollow of his hand 

May you be in heaven an 

hour before the devil 

knows you’re dead

(Irish Blessing)