A Thursday Reflection – 3.19.15


This week the Christian calendar marked the memory of two extraordinary men whom Christians refer to as saints: Patrick (March 17) and Joseph (March 19). Both proved to be examples of ministry and Christian life.

No one is unaware of Patrick’s relationship with Ireland. You know his story: a youth kidnapped by Celtic pirates who spent time in slavery in Ireland and who would eventually come to love this people; after he escaped, he returned as a Christian missionary and Bishop who brought the Good News of Jesus to those who once held him captive.

Joseph, husband of Mary, honored as the “silent saint” (not one word in the New Testament is ever attributed to him) who is viewed as Jesus’ mentor and caretaker. Jesus was known as “the Carpenter’s Son.”

Both men used gifts given to them by the Lord in the service of others. Both had lives that pointed to Christ. Both are models of what it means to be a Christian.