A Thursday Reflection – 3.26.15

Holy Week is approaching.  Years ago, as a much younger highly critical ordained perfectionist, I would start getting wound up.  So many things to do:  service bulletins, final Confirmation classes, rehearsals, bringing parish records up to date, “Mass of Collegiality” at the Cathedral, washing feet, an Ecumenical Service on Good Friday, a complex Easter Vigil and blah blah blah.!

I have learned in these four decades of ministry:  God will be praised in spite of human error; we rehearse the great events of our salvation and not a testimony to our own ego; all of us get to renew who we are as Christians next week; that we are celebrating what Christ has done for us.  We are becoming stronger as a parish not because we are more perfect or DO more stuff – we are becoming stronger because of what Christ has done and continues to do for us.  Welcome to Holy Week.