A Thursday Reflection 3.29.18

When a person is studying the history of Christian liturgy, you spend some time on the texts of what is called the “Gothic Missal.”     FYI: The Gothic Missal is the only surviving source of many rites and commemorations that characterize the specific liturgical tradition of late antique and early medieval (Merovingian) Gaul” – taken from www.brepolis.net.  In simple English, what we’re reading are the texts of services and specific prayers going back to the Church community in what would someday become France.

As Anglicans, we “pray what we believe.”  So as an uplifting Easter message, allow me to share with you the prayer of that ancient community so many, many centuries ago, as they gathered in vigil in the darkness before each Easter morning in anticipation and celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection.  Why is this feast of such importance?  What do we articulate in prayer?  Read on:

O Almighty God

Hear your people

who are this day met to glorify

the Resurrection of your Son Our Lord;

And guide them from this festival to eternal gladness from the exulting joys of this solemnity to the joys that have no end.

For this is the day of man’s Resurrection,

the birthday of eternal life;

in which we have been satisfied with your mercy in the morning

in which the Blessed One who comes in the name of the Lord and who is our God,

has shone upon us.   AMEN


A blessed Easter to Each of You!!!!