A Thursday Reflection 3.31.16

Easter Monday evening!  It’s so quiet.  All the frenzied activity, liturgies, coordinations, rehearsals, complaints, unexpected breakdowns, etc., of Holy Week have come and gone.    My beloved wife has gone to sleep early as she has not been feeling well since Easter p.m.  Abby the dog is patiently waiting to go out one last time.  I am here alone…but not alone.

It’s these quiet moments that remind me that the greatest of Easter miracles took place without human observation.  The tomb was found empty but no one witnessed what exactly happened and how.  (Unlike the apocryphal so-called “gospels” where the Resurrection takes place with more noise than the sound of an approaching express train!)

My personal spirituality makes me believe that God’s mightiest acts are only perceived when we are quiet enough to pay attention.  Suicide bombers and hate mongers make noise.  The power of the Risen One is perceived in stillness.  Although their words had a totally different context and intention, I rehear Simon and Garfunkel’s ode and “listen to the sound of silence.”