A Thursday Reflection – 4.16.15

The season of Easter – the Resurrection of Jesus from death for us – lends itself to reflections about the renewal of our parish.  Think of where we have been.  A year ago, we stared at a deficit of over $100,000 with the sure and certain knowledge that, if unchecked, this made our survival unsustainable.

One year has passed.  Financially, we see signs of turning a corner.  We have a working kitchen in a finished undercroft which bodes well for possible income and for our own enjoyment.  We are noticed in the community.  On Good Friday, we (along with South Salem Presbyterian Church and Stevens United Methodist Church) made history.

Now the real work begins.  We aren’t called to sustain a structure but to be witnesses.  We’re called to worship “in spirit and in truth.” We are called “to make disciples of all nations.”

The point:  financial matters are getting in order.  Now comes the really hard work:  letting God build us up as a worshipping and loving community!  What priority has prayer and worship in your life?  What sustains you?   Are you ready for the next phase of our work?