A Thursday Reflection 4.21.16

It was this past Sunday in early afternoon.  You all had returned home or to whatever tasks awaited you on this “day off.”  JoAnne would not be home from St. Andrew’s for a few hours yet.  So I brought Abby, our rescue dog and Border Collie extraordinaire, to run around behind the ELC and burn off some of her “exuberance!”

I love watching Abby race like the wind.  She is free spirit and curiosity personified.  At one point I made as if I were leaving when she was all the way down by the sand box.  I watched her race at full speed towards me to catch up.  At one point I set myself up to try to catch her, but with the cutting ability that would put an NFL wide receiver to shame, she blew past me (those collie swivel hips) and literally left me picking myself up from my face in the dirt!

A little dog has wonderful gifts and uses them to the fullest as she lives life to the fullest.  In being all that God intends her to be, she is filled with joy.  Is she perfect:  hardly!   She is prone to breaking at least 5 of the commandments on a regular basis if left to her own devices.  But she uses what God has given her, is filled with love, and constantly reminds me that we, baptized into Christ and filled with His Spirit, could be so much more at peace if only we would use the gifts God has given us and live into the life God has intended for us.  Don’t be afraid to use the gifts you’ve been given.  I know we’re all so busy.  Make time to enjoy what you’ve been given.  Share what you have and be a blessing for others!