A Thursday Reflection – 4.30.15

Where is God found? More horrors witnessed through TV: a major earthquake (with aftershocks) that has sent destruction and deaths over the span of four nations. Once again, we’ll hear a cry for help as humans will (hopefully) begin the herculean task of renewing, restoring and repairing the damages that nature has brought.

In the First Book of Kings, there is that haunting passage of the political refugee, Elijah, being told he would experience his God. And he did: not in signs of power and destruction like an earthquake but in the whispering breeze of silence. God is not found in noise but in life giving breath.

Some, I suspect, will look for God in all this destruction and see “proofs” of God’s power or anger or judgment. I do believe God will be found in this tragedy – as God is always found – through the open hands of hard work and service, through the charity of those of us who are so fortunate as to never have experienced such an event. God is always found in the earthquake, or local train crashes, or in the ministry to the sick and elderly whenever we who are believers demonstrate our love by helping those who cannot help themselves.   No matter what we do, as little as it may be, it fosters God’s presence in the midst of pain.