A Thursday Reflection 4.7.16

It’s funny how there is usually this collective sighing of relief when Easter has come and gone.  Great temptation for clergy as well as every parishioner: well the “church year” like the school year is close to winding down, so we can rest on what we’ve done and get ready for summer relaxation.

Now you will find few males (adult or child – ordained or not) who have the yearning of being one of the “Boys of Summer” as much as I do.  God knew what God was doing.  Vacation and holiday have their purpose of renewing us in body and spirit.

But this is not yet time for rest.  Living “into Church” or “into our Baptism” really means that we are never “off duty” –  not really.  I am not speaking only of parish events that are a ‘coming such as plays (Godspell) or Wine Tasting Summer Fundraising event – as important as those events will be!

I’m reflecting more on the fact we’ve all been commissioned to go out into our “ordinary lives” and be evangelists – bring people to Christ.  The “work” of being an active church member (translated: modeling Christ to all whom we meet) doesn’t slow down after Easter.  It never slows down .,. or at least it shouldn’t.