A Thursday Reflection 5.11.17

I am well aware that “Mother’s Day” is a “created” holiday that fuels our economy each May in terms of funds generated for travel, time spent in long distance communication, purchase of flowers, cards and all sorts of things edible (whether good for one or not)!  I am also very much aware that this Sunday will mark the first Mother’s Day since my mom passed from this life into life eternal.  For those of us of a certain “time” (and there is no predictability when that “time” will arrive), a visit to our parents is not a journey to an apartment but rather a trip to a cemetery.

I hope I don’t fall into too many platitudes or sound too saccharine.  I am well aware that there are those in this parish who have not always had the best relationship with their mothers.  (And yes, you know your rector is one of them!)  I hope you will use this coming Sunday as a catalyst for spiritually important considerations.

First and most importantly, don’t let one designated day of the year be the only time to demonstrate appreciation for any person in your life (mother, father, sibling, child, life partner, member of your church family, etc.)  Christians celebrate Holy “Eucharist” – and the word “Eucharist” literally means “thanksgiving.”  Being persons who are thankful for those whom we love or who love us ought to be our “brand” or visible sign to the world.

Remember on Sunday that our culture still does not appreciate women in spite of its lip service.  Do you truly believe in gender equality in terms of respect, salary, and the right to express oneself without all the snide accusatory (and stereotypical) retorts?

Remember that if bringing out life and nurturing life are among the obvious acts of “motherhood,” then there most likely have been so many other women who deserve our honor and respect as well: those who have taught us, mentored us, cared for us (or our aging family members), nursed us to health, cared for our pets, stood as our advocates, healed us, and those whose intellects have changed our world.  (Again, see the film: Hidden Figures.)

To all of you, and you who know who you are, may God bless you and may you have a Happy Mother’s Day.