A Thursday Reflection 5.12.16

As you all may remember, there is that bible story that goes something like this:  Humans once all spoke the same language.  Then some genius got the brilliant idea, “Hey, let’s make us a tower to touch the heavens.”  So God watched these fools in their arrogance and stupidity try to show off “how great we art” … at least God watched up to a point, then gave ‘em what for: causing them all to speak different languages so creatures couldn’t communicate with each other ever again.   So they left the tower unfinished as a tribute to the wonderful accomplishments of humankind (NOT) when it chooses to “play God.”

Now the scripture scholars will give all the necessary interpretive tools of linguistic analysis, theology and cultural adaptation.  The preachers will highlight the meaning and the message of this haunting story.

The experts will speak better than I.  I’m just going to note that twenty centuries ago, at the initial gathering of Jesus’ followers some 50 days after they experienced Him as alive, the Spirit of God exploded upon a ragtag group of 120 (more or less) very unimportant people, blew their lives apart, and the people who heard the first of these new Christian preachers all heard in their ears the same message in the same language no matter who they were or where they came from.

We are of the 21st century; we who claim to be believers of Jesus.  The world without God is dark, and there is such pain and hate within.  So we, filled with that same Holy Spirit:  What do we say to them?  What do we do with and for them?  Do we speak the one language of love and of Jesus?   The world has had millennia of babble!  So how’s that been working for us?