A Thursday Reflection – 5.14.15

“Bring a Friend to Church” – This weekend of May 16 and 17! A number of you have asked me about this. Some amused, some unconvinced, but most perplexed. As I have mentioned in past weeks, if this parish community is serious about wanting to grow and if it honestly believes that, as a place of faith and worship, it has something to offer, then “Bring-a-Friend” is a no-brainer.

No one comes to God by herself. No one becomes immersed in any religious tradition on his own. Ultimately we are all brought to Christ by someone else: our parent(s) or grandparents, a god parent, a mentor, a friend even a dedicated parish priest or two has been known to reach out and open the door for others. It’s known as evangelism.

If a living vibrant Christian faith is truly important to you, then be preacher of hospitality and offer Christ as the meaning for life. Bring someone with you this weekend. You may be touching a life and having eternally uplifting consequences.