A Thursday Reflection 5.4.17

We’ve got to “be” what we’re intended and meant to be!  Abby has been teaching me a negative lesson the last week or so.  As winter finally came to an end, we had an “understanding” that it was time for a bath, like it or not – NOT !!!  O the trauma, the crying!  Greater speed and agility than an Olympic sprinter but reduced to a whining lump of pathetic puppy treating her humans as if we were “Mommy Dearest” (a cultural reference for those of you over 40).  And then, to top it all, she has now taken to waiting for me to relax my gaze and vigilance when we go walking so that she can do these 2 ½ double flip slides on her side to return to the self-scent which she craves!

Here’s the theological lesson:  This (in my view) naughty dog, as others I assume, needs to be and smell as she knows herself to be and smell.  Call it “dog-i-tude” or her “nature” or whatever.  She knows what she is meant to be and does all in her power to achieve this.

We Christians have, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, a new redeemed “nature” There is a new “normal” for us.  Living in ways of darkness, human imperfection, sin and death are not what we’re supposed to be.  We’ve been given life and given it abundantly (cf. this Sunday’s gospel)!  Living in the fallen ways of our culture that exalts death should make as much sense to a Christian as trying to make Abby live into the nature of her dog soap and smelling Chateau Foo Foo #56 .  We need to be what God has called us to be: it’s our true nature, now redeemed!