A Thursday Reflection – 5.21.15

This weekend – “Memorial Day Weekend” – is the time when I pause and remember, first of all, the day my dad’s war ended, and to recall all those in our military who died in service to our nation.   This weekend, by coincidental timing, is also the liturgical celebration of the Feast of Pentecost. Here the focus is not remembering those who have died but remembering an experience of power that gave birth to Christianity.

People often ask me to articulate my vision for this parish in terms of growth, financial recovery and relevance in the community. All are important, but, whether popular for me to say this or not, all are secondary. Parochial rebirth must focus first and foremost (as we will pray this weekend when we renew our Baptism Vows) on our truthful answer to the question: “Will you continue the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in the prayers?”

This is a weekend where I will not only, with gratitude, remember the sacrifices of others, but will reaffirm what we as a Christian Community must be. Focus on our life in Christ and how we’ll live into our Baptism. Without this as our foundation, who will remember that our parish was ever here?