A Thursday Reflection – 5.28.15

Over the holiday weekend, I received (electronically) a questionnaire (another one!!!!) from a priest friend of mine who is pursuing his Doctorate. All the questions had to do with “church growth,” what works or doesn’t, and what “programs” are needed to make it happen!

I shared my conviction: We, the Episcopal Church, who do have much to offer our world, will cease the downward spiral in both church attendance and financial sustainability when:

  1. We believe in our hearts that having received Holy Baptism, we are both called and empowered to live a life of different values from the culture at large.
  2. That the priority for Sunday must include taking time for the Lord in our common prayer and worship.
  3. That we need to be spiritually fed each and every week or we’ll end spiritually dead.
  4. That we as a parish have been given a purpose and a mission, and this applies to everyone.
  5. How and where I spend my money, what I read, how I vote, with whom I associate, the language I use, the media I watch or listen to are all part of what is at the heart of living the gospel outside this building.
  6. I believe that this community is so important to my spiritual life that I share what I believe with others and really try to bring them with me to experience what I do each week.