A Thursday Reflection – 5.7.15

File this thought under either: (1) foolishly treading on sacred ground, or (2) thinking outside the box.  Now you all know this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Whether it be a fabricated excuse to purchase cards and/or flowers created by 19th century American entrepreneurial geniuses or not is a conspiracy theory I will let you historians battle.  That it becomes a day to show extra care and gratitude to the important women in our lives, for me, is a given.

But would you be surprised to know that one of the medieval mystical writers (Julian of Norwich) in a sermon / reflection / prayer referred to Jesus as “our true mother!”  Now, this is neither a joke nor the result of inhaling non-medical-emergency marijuana.  The point being made was that Mothers bring from their bodies life.  Upon them, we depend for nurturance and growth from conception through our formative years.

From Jesus we are given life: from his life, death and resurrection we draw our spiritual life.  All that is good within us, the beauty of our soul depends upon our sustained relationship with Christ.  So this Mother’s Day – as you do homage to those women (as you should) never forget that “our true mother” who infused eternal life into us, should also be the object of praise and thanks.