A Thursday Reflection 6.1.17

I am no longer surprised by the capacity for humans to delude themselves.  It used to surprise me, then anger me, and then even sadden me.  But now I just sigh.  So what else is new! This is simply my observation (and prayer).
As I sit at this desk on the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend, from my window I just observed a person, sitting in her car in our parking lot rapidly consume a hugely loaded bagel before she quick pace walked down to the O.A. meeting in Lawrence Hall.  Self-delusion?
This isn’t a sermon about healthy eating or sensible food choices.  I’m sure those thoughts are uttered often enough.  But this is reflection about the Feast of Pentecost (this coming Sunday) and the need for each of us to reopen our hearts to the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s manifold gifts including wisdom, prudence and discretion.
I think ours is a world that has become so “me” oriented, so averse to “me being judged” that we assume the right (the license, as it were) to think, say or do anything that we choose whether it is harmful to us or anyone else.   The Holy Spirit is about unity, community, and a brother and sister hood of believers who support each other, love each other, and try to build each other up in their journey of faith.  Culture seems to exalt isolation, “my” individual choices and rights and the need to put others down as we wander aimlessly seeking happiness wherever it cannot be found.  And we think this is “good” – and the way things should be.  More self-delusion!
This Sunday, the Feast of Pentecost challenges us to renew who we are in Christ and to reignite our faith in Christ by reflecting the Spirit’s gifts given to us.  How well we use those gifts in our journey to achieve our purpose is a matter of our choice to live “in the Spirit” or to delude ourselves again and again that life without God is fulfilling us!