A Thursday Reflection – 6.11.15

We’re not in charge! We plan and expect – so we think. But God plants! Walking our dog this week, I’ve noticed that the back yard is again speckled with drops of red.  Seems that the area grows these tiny little wild strawberries only for a week or so. Abby sniffs and is pleased. Even your “urbanized” clergy can appreciate both the beauty and the surprise.

We have our plans for St. John’s, and I pray they accord with what Our Father has planned for us and has planted within us. (A hint for this Sunday’s readings!) But surprising things often come up beyond our expectations. E.g., we are hoping that St. Paul’s might develop into a Wedding Chapel for those beyond our parish community. Only one taker so far – BUT – this week I received a phone call from a person (not in any way associated with this parish) who asked about possibly being buried from this lovely chapel when her time comes.   Surprise! A different direction? Perhaps!

So we must remain focused, keep working hard, and, of course, be ready for surprises. We plan a future. The Lord has already been planting it for us.