A Thursday Reflection – 6.18.15

So let’s try to say something respectful and purposeful about “Father’s Day” which does not sound as though it was taken from a maudlin “Hallmark” card or some comedian’s skit.   I admit that I never learned the challenges or joys of biological fatherhood as my life altered from “unmarried” to being a “grandpa” in one moment – and yes it is much easier and more fun that way!

I do know that Fatherhood, if taken seriously and lived well, is a vocation – a calling from God. Oh any adult male can generate life. But being a loving partner, a caregiver, a mentor, the support for one’s spouse, a font of wisdom, a supply of experiences, a disciplinarian, a coach, a shoulder to cry on, a communicator, and maybe most of all, being “man enough” to let mom receive the adulations she deserves when we sometimes get mistaken for the furniture (always there when needed but not always appreciated) – that, my friends, is hard work. It takes grace!

St. John’s Gospel has the perfect definition: “God so loved the world that he sent His son…”   The Father sent the Son to redeem us, out of love!   Fatherhood is about love!