A Thursday Reflection 6.2.16

Last Sunday, those of you at the 9:30 liturgy witnessed a member of our parish give “witness” about the place, the role, and the power of God in his life – as he lives “out there” in a world which he admitted is “not a safe space.”  This is something that parishioners are going to be doing on the last Sunday of each month – a brief witness to the power of God in their lives.

It was striking that the notion of our being stewards of this parish, and all that “stewardship” means was a part of what he experienced as his “calling.”  What a wonderful sermon he preached (without realizing that he was doing so)!  God has called this generation of folks who call this parish their spiritual home to a quest that involves a way of life, a way to view what is important in life, and the way by which we will use the buildings we have to be the launching point from which we live the Good News of Jesus “out there” in “the world.”

You all heard a wonderful definition of “stewardship.” You will hear such a call many more times in the coming weeks, months and years.  But you may never hear it so deeply, personally and eloquently proclaimed.