A Thursday Reflection – 6.25.15

On Sunday, the parish will celebrate a memory: 256 years as a site where God’s Word has been preached and the sacraments are celebrated. Yeah, I know. The canonical niceties of incorporation etc. didn’t happen from the beginning. Still, this is our Anniversary.

Sunday is about what “church” is supposed to be.  We’re not a social club.  We’re not a place to come to feel good.  We’re not a building or a plan.

Our God “whom the heavens cannot contain,  much less the walls of temples made with human hands,” has established a symbol of His presence. Where two or three are gathered; where we can come and “be still and know that I am God;”  where we have been made God’s children through adoption and grace; where we come to discern God’s will and then try to do it “on earth as it is in heaven” – all that is what we celebrate.   It’s our anniversary of who were are: flawed and fragile but strong in God. We’ve so much more work to do. Happy Anniversary.