A Thursday Reflection – 6.4.15

I have to admit that I am too old to get this “blog” thing. Short of God’s revealing God’s Word, does anyone need to hear any other person’s every thought or opinion? Not always. I admit that I’ve enjoyed writing this year – sharing some of my thoughts and concerns. I hope they have all been letting you focus on where we have come from as a parish and where we need to be heading.

This week I have a question for you: What is your greatest concern or desire for this parish? What do we need to be thinking about and doing if we are not only to grow in numbers or finances but also to grow in Christ’s love?   In your eyes, what is important? I have many thoughts about this which I will be sharing in the coming months. I’d like to hear yours. Send them on to me. Sign your name. I will not post anything you write unless you give me permission to do so.